Director's Message

Thumb! Academic is very gigantic discipline. Engaging in research has to be an integral part of academic professional. The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 of Government of India has also given due importance on research oriented education. The objective of academic research is to produce new knowledge and explore new avenues of teaching and learning. For teachers, every classroom is different and unique encouraging them to innovate in teaching practices and students’ engagement. Research oriented teaching methodology helps the teachers to get modern and innovative information over any subject area. With more acquired knowledge through research methodologies, a person can share knowledge with the world by teaching or assisting fellow students in research activities and journal publications. Students also tend to learn more proficiently when they learn through research activities. Considered as one of the requirements for Doctorate Students, publication of research work in reputed journals, adds the glory in the professional career.
The rapid changes occurring in the world today make a robust research system more important than ever. The new higher education architecture shall create large, well-resourced, vibrant and autonomous multidisciplinary institutions for teaching and research, significantly expanding reach and capacity while building strong educational communities. The educational institutes need to understand the significance of research and design the curriculum accordingly by assigning some senior and experienced professors to work solely for research and journal publications. Faculty members are expected to engage in substantive research present in professional settings and publish it in established peer reviewed journals.
SVIM Management Effigy is achieving this objective by publishing a good quality research work. I invite and welcome all the researchers to contribute publishing their research to have value to it.

With Best Wishes

Dr. George Thomas

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