About Management Effigy

15 years of Successful Publication!!

‘Management Effigy' is ISSN, bi-annual peer-reviewed, J-gate Indexed journal published by Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management, Indore. The publication of journal was initiated in the year 2006 and was registered with ISSN in 2011.The journal adopts a broad view of the management discipline and IT and encourages the publication research output under several formats. Management Effigy publishes scholarly empirical and theoretical/conceptual research papers, perspectives, case studies, and book reviews that can have potential impact on the field of management and IT.

Research Papers: Research papers published in Management Effigy are expected to have substantial original contribution to the body of knowledge in Management and IT. The research could be theoretical/conceptual or empirical. The journal is open to publishing articles with qualitative or quantitative methodology. The recommended length of the article is up to 6,000 words.

Perspectives Articles: Perspective Articles present a combination of the knowledge in a specific sub-field of management offering valuable lessons to management practitioners and policy makers. Classically the articles call for action or rethinking by managers and policy makers in organizations. These need not necessarily be backed by original field research. The recommended length of the article is up to 6,000 words.

Management Case: The case feature of Management Effigy encourages authors to publish real-life managerial decision contexts in the form of instructional cases for the benefit of the academia. The decision context could be centered around an organization or an individual. The case should present sufficient data/information to facilitate analysis of the situation. Management Effigy publishes cases related to the various managerial sub-disciplines such as business strategy, marketing, finance, organizational behavior and human resources management etc. Each case should be accompanied by a detailed teaching note, which presents an in-depth analysis of the situation and data presented in the case by the author. The author must obtain explicit written permission from the organization involved in the case to be eligible for publication of the case/or otherwise should be disguised. The recommended length of the case is about 3,000 words, excluding the teaching note.

Book review: Management Effigy encourages the publication of review of books released in management, allied disciplines and IT.

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